Artisan Farmacy – The Game Changer in Meditation

In every business, there is a market leader and followers. There is a reason why the market leader is only one. That reason is innovation. Similarly, meditation is one big marketplace. It has buyers and sellers just like the conventional marketplace.

The ability to understand the market dynamics and remodel the business model to align with changes in the market distinguishes the market leader from the market follower. Artisan Farmacy is a market leader in meditation training. We understand our niche so well that we have moved from just creating programs to innovating. For instance, a typical meditation workshop takes place in a physical studio or room. The Meditation Coach is also physically present. More importantly, the meditation instructions are conveyed via conventional methods of communication.

A change in consumer tastes and preferences calls for a re-imagination of the product and the business processes. For instance, the present-day consumer may not have the wherewithal to drive and sit through lengthy sessions of meditation coaching in a physical room with other people. But they can afford to enroll in virtual personalized soul-centered Meditation Workshops.

The convenience that comes with such a model is the motivation behind Artisan Farmacy. Our experience is that life is difficult enough. It is not just our meditation programs that are tailored to alleviate the pressures of life; but it is also the model of our business. Enroll for Mediation Training with Artisan Farmacy. We are just a phone call or a click of a keyboard button away!

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