Benefits of Vibration Healing

Among the most common alternative therapies is Vibration Healing. This is a practice that involves mechanical vibration for treating various health problems. Below are some of the top benefits of such healing.

Vibration Healing

Chronic Illness Treatment

Vibration healing may be used in Chronic Illness Treatment with notable benefits. With whole-body vibration treatment approaches, one may demonstrate high adherence rates and a quick response, which may not be so often when other interventions used in such cases as Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment are applied.

Bone Health Improvement

Whole-body vibration treatment can also help to improve bone mineral density in the lumbar spine as well as other areas of the body. A study that was conducted in 2013 on 28 postmenopausal women and published in Clinical Interventions in Aging supports this observation.

Parkinson’s Disease

A study that was published in 2009 on Neuro Rehabilitation pointed to the possibility of Vibration Healing, helping with Parkinson’s disease. The study says that researchers found whole-body vibration therapy helped patients with this disease to improve their mortar control and functioning.

Enhancing Balance

Balance is a multifaceted ability on humans and can affect an individual’s physical capabilities. If it is inadequate, it may lead to limited mobility abilities and flexibility. However, vibration healing may help to create more balance as it results in a brief contractor and relaxation of the musculature.

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